Picture Resizer!

Picture Resizer is a free software to resize your pictures, photos, images with an intuitive and easy to use app interface.

Picture Resizer at work

How does Picture Resizer work?

Picture Resizer from picture-resizer.net is a free software tool that can resize your pictures, photos, image files quickly and easily. With an intuitive interface, powerful and free! Select a picture from your computer directories without the need to upload it on some weird and unkown server. Its thumbnail will appear in the picture display area making sure you are working on the right image file to resize. In order to resize your picture, to scale the image size up or down just move the picture resizing bar left to resize your image down (image shrinking) and move it to the right to resize your image up. The pictures are saved in the highest possible quality format. Choose the saving location of your resized picture by clicking on the Apply and Save button after resizing the picture and the application will prompt for where the resized picture has to be saved.

Picture Resizer is a software distributed completely for free, designed to work on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 too! that makes it easy and quick to resize pictures, whether they are too big or too small for your own needs you can resize pictures, photos, images, graphic files with this free to use picture resizer tool.

Picture Resizer from picture-resizer.net does not contain any malicious code, file, bad content and does not display any advertisement! Yes, you read correctly, it's totally clean, free and a must-have picture resizing tool both for professional and once in a while pictures and photos editing passionate. Or even for the every day use of non technical people that simply need to resize a picture quickly and easily, without spending money for a simple picture resizing operation that might occurr just once in a while. Picture Resizer from picture-resizer.net is very easy to use, with a pleasant interface and everything you need to operate on image and picture resizing within the range of a click.

Picture Resizer from picture-resizer.net is compatible with ANY WINDOWS operating system, both 32 and 64 bits.

Picture Resizer is an easy to use, free, clean, powerful app to resize your pictures and images, the free picture resizer software you were looking for to resize your photo while preserving your privacy and is freely downloadable from our Free Picture Resizer download page.